June 15, 2017

pfSense, HaProxy, and Snort 4:00 PM  -  5:00 PM pfSense, HaProxy, and Snort 240

pfSense, HaProxy, and Snort

Tom Ryan

I think it’s time for another tech talk at CALI! This session will primarily cover pfSense, HaProxy and Snort. These three tools can work together to protect and extend the capabilities of your network. They are all also open source and thus, freely available.

I will cover how to set up: a firewall, high availability and load balanced web sites, VPN connections (with or without two factor), and inline intrusion detection with real time blocking!

As these solutions can be deployed locally, either on physical hardware or virtual platforms, as well as the cloud, we expect this session to be beneficial to everyone, especially those on ever decreasing budgets!

In addition to going through a setup and various configuration options, I will be taking questions and offering assistance in how these tools can improve your setup!

Session Category :  Technologist