June 16, 2017

Self-Care for Today’s Techie 8:00 AM  -  9:00 AM Self-Care for Today’s Techie 240

Self-Care for Today’s Techie

Corinne St. Claire

Dance a little too hard the night before? Forearms tired from bowling? Didn’t get to play because you left early to check on work (as one does)? Take a moment to grab your breakfast and then focus on YOU. This session aims to be refreshing and rejuvenating – Use this time to learn some self-care principles and practical tips that will not only help your body but also stimulate your mind as you find creative approaches to your unique challenges in legal education.

We will spend 45 minutes doing what I like to call “chair yoga” – learn breath control techniques to calm nerves, stretches to release tension, and other mindful principles that you can practice right at your desk when you get back home.
Bonus: A fun little gift bag to help keep the fun going long after the session is over (not kidding; I will have gift bags for anyone who shows up!)

Session Category :  Technologist