June 15, 2017

Curricular Reform in a Fully Online Law School 4:00 PM  -  5:00 PM Curricular Reform in a Fully Online Law School 250

Curricular Reform in a Fully Online Law School

Martin Pritikin

Although there has been much said and written about the hybrid online or “flipped” law school classroom in recent years, there has been scant focus among traditional law schools on course design in a fully online format. Concord Law School at Kaplan University, the nation’s first fully online law school in the country, founded in 1998, is undergoing a holistic revision of its entire required curriculum, the equivalent of 16 year long classes. From this natural experiment, valuable insights for more traditional schools can be gained regarding (a) how distance learning and adult learning research can be effectively integrated into computer-based interactive activities that promote knowledge acquisition and skills building; (b) how experiential learning can be integrated into a fully online setting; and (c) the potential advantages of coordinating curriculum across courses and across program years. The presenter will demonstrate some of these activities, and will offer recommendations regarding strategic planning and implementation of reforms.

Session Category :  Faculty