Michael Caulfield

Michael Caulfield

Director of Blended and Networked Learning

Mike Caulfield is currently the director of blended and networked learning at Washington State University Vancouver, and the editor of the New Horizons column for the EDUCAUSE Review.

Before that he was employed by Keene State College as an instructional designer, and by MIT as director of community outreach for the OpenCourseWare Consortium. He has worked in educational technology since 1997. Among projects from the late paleolithic were the Persona Project, an attempt to integrate English Composition classes with the creation and maintenance of a student-produced online encyclopedia (1997); Transcript Media, a site which made public domain educational material available to P-12 educators (1997- 2000); GameGoo, some of the first commercially produced Flashbased educational games on the internet (1999); Columbia Online, a simulation-based online curriculum for Columbia University (2000-2003, as part of Cognitive Arts), and various e-learning projects for Fortune 500 companies.

Since 2005 he has focused his energy on understanding how online communities and open resources can make students and citizens more effective and informed, most prominently at MIT as the first director of community outreach for the OpenCourseWare Consortium, but also as a founder of a number of local and hyperlocal online communities, and in numerous instructional design projects at Keene State College and WSU. He has been recognized for his thinking on these issues, both at national conferences and through Hapgood, his long running blog on educational technology issues (https://hapgood.us/).

He has been a Shuttleworth Flash grantee, and has been described by George Siemens (http://www.elearnspace.org/blog/2016/05/18/the-godfathergardner-campbell/) as one of “a few genuinely original people doing important and critically consequential work” in the field of educational technology. He has worked extensively with wiki inventor Ward Cunningham on applications of wiki to education.


June 15, 2017
Keynote: Collaboration and Control: Building the New Collaborative Web
Great Hall
10:30 AM  -  11:30 AM